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Se Habla Español | Veterans' Discounts | Over 20 Years of Experience

Se Habla Español | Veterans' Discounts | Over 20 Years of Experience

Classic Car

Electrical Parts & Repairs

See Us for Classic Car Wiring Problems

The electrical systems in older vehicles can be unreliable, but you can count on California Classics & Collectibles for prompt, professional diagnostics and repairs. We have over 20 years of experience in working on vintage Mustangs and other pieces of Detroit iron, and we know where to look for trouble.

  • Corroded connectors
  • Incorrect wire routing
  • Shorts
  • Wear or collision damage
  • Rodent damage or decay from storage

Please visit our shop or contact us to request a quote.

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Your Classic Car Parts Specialists

We understand that half the fun in owning a classic is doing your own wrenching, so we sell a wide variety of electrical parts for older cars. Let us know your make, model, and year, and we can help you track down replacement parts.

Mustang Body

Sheet Metal Parts

Upgrade or Repair Your Mustang With New Metal

You can keep your classic Mustang looking good when you come to California Classics & Collectibles for sheet metal and body parts. Dents, dings, rust, and other damage can spoil your car's appearance, but we have the replacement pieces you need.

New sheet metal makes restoring and maintaining your car easier.

  • It fits your car better
  • Using ready-made parts is less work than repairing damaged metal
  • Installation is more cost-effective than paying someone else to repair damaged pieces
  • You get a perfect finish because the new parts are not dented, scratched, or rusty

We sell body parts and sheet metal for all years of Mustangs. If you let us know what you need with our online form, we can provide you with a FREE quote.

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Everything You Need for Restoration and Customization

  • Styling kits for older Mustangs
  • Body kits for newer Mustangs
  • Spoilers
  • Bumper covers

  • Bumper panels
  • Grilles
  • Fenders
  • Quarter panels

Classic Car

Wheels & Tires

Come in for Alignments, Rotations, and Service

Your muscle car will ride smoothly when you come to California Classics & Collectibles for wheel and tire service. With over 20 years of experience, we know what it takes to bring a Detroit classic back into alignment and balance.

Customize Your Classic With Wheels and Tires

When you're trying to breathe life into a classic car, getting the right wheels and tires can be a challenge. We've been restoring and repairing Mustangs and other classics for decades, and we can help you find the right rubber for your ride. Whether you want a factory-original look or something highly customized, we can make it happen.

Contact our locally owned business for FREE quotes today!

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